The perfect “seasoning” for winter and summer

More than a summer vacation zone, the Algarve is a place with the perfect seasoning, where the days fill you with both energy and relaxation, and where well-being is compulsory.

Dunamar Apartments-Hotel is located in the Algarve coast, overlooking the bay of Monte Gordo, where the sea already feels the Mediterranean warmth and where the days are made up of sun and light. The proximity to Spain and the Faro airport only increase the positive aspects of this resort paradise.

The Dunamar Apartments-Hotel was named


after the beach that extends beyond it, and with which it shares its architecture of carefully planned lines and intelligent spaces. The building is divided into 203 apartments, demandingly equipped with good taste and common back up areas, designed to offer you sociability, leisure and all sorts of activities.

The Dunamar Apartments-Hotel has all the requisites demanded for a quality certificate, thanks to the value and attention we put into the excellence and satisfaction of our clients.

A walk on the beach, a special dinner, a lively evening, or quiet moments of reading, all of these are also pleasures available to you, that make the Dunamar Apartments-Hotel your home in the Algarve.

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